About Me: Olivia Verni

immigration-reform-rally-in-los-angeles_5_1.jpgHi! My name is Olivia, and I am a sophomore Government and Politics and Public Relations double major, minoring in Spanish. I am interested in learning about how government and social media overlap, and how citizens are socialized by the media they consume.There is not doubt that social media, specifically Twitter, has played a large role in this past election cycle. It seems that now, more than ever, there are more politically polarized accounts on social media sites, which has sparked quite a few feuds in the online world.

Donald Trump’s recent immigration ban is not only an attack on the basic principles of freedom and equality that America was built on, but also turns it’s back on everything engraved at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of hope and light for immigrants. America is a nation built on immigrants, but we as a society somehow forget that and look past the fact that had it not been for immigrants, most of us would not be here.

To me, the above picture is a perfect response to people that are against open boarders. Without immigrants from earlier eras, we would not have so many things that we have today. Immigrants and people from different cultures help us to learn, grow, and think about how the other side lives, and deserve the chance at a life outside of war torn and corrupt countries.


About me: Troi Barbour

Hi! My name is Troi Barbour (pronounced like Troy Barb-oar) and I am a sophomore public relations major at the University of Maryland College Park. In the future, I really hope to work in a media outreach or crisis management department in either the entertainment industry or in the political sector.

Growing up, I was surrounded by diversity and was taught to embrace cultural differences and learn from them. Many family members and extremely close family friends of mine are immigrants to the United States, a country that is the way it is today because of mass immigration. Since our country prides itself in its diversity, it is troubling to me that Donald Trump is imposing a travel ban, ruining the very foundation our country was built on. Not only does this place fear into many who live in the country because they are worried about relatives or even themselves being targeted, it ruins international relations, and sparks domestic tension.

While this is ethically and morally wrong, it also largely affects our economy and political relationships. As someone who’s campaign was based on his background as a business man, you would think Trump would have considered the damaging affect his ban would have on the country- but tragically he did not. I am strongly opposed to the travel ban amongst other things Trump’s presidency would bring to this country and hope this blog will show my perspective and help influence your opinion.


About Me: Kiana Jones

Hi! My name is Kiana, and I am a sophomore Marketing and Communication Studies dual major. I specifically have an interest in how the media affects society and influences the political agenda. I am fascinated with visual rhetoric, and how often pop culture finds its way into our daily interactions. The sign above is an example of referring to a piece of pop culture, while also presenting a powerful message.

The discussion surrounding the recent proposal of an immigration ban from Donald Trump is troubling for various reasons. I believe that for the most part those in support of the immigration ban are hypocritical and also fueled by racial stereotypes. Everyone who currently lives in the United States, excluding Native Americans, is an immigrant or a descendent of immigrants.This is what makes the immigration ban so infuriating, because people seem to be picking and choosing when immigration is acceptable. The racial stereotypes that motivate these irrational proposals also showcase how our society may not be in a “post-racial” era like people attempt to claim. This is an interesting concept to analyze in relation to the recent events surrounding Trump’s administration. During the protests and rallys that have emerged as a result of Donald Trump’s proposals, I have been able to analyze the political rhetoric surrounding people’s signs and posters, which also connects with my field of interest.

Through this blog, I hope you are able to understand why this ban is problematic and the importance of social activism and not just clicktivism.

About Me: Imani Yorker

Hi, my name is Imani Yorker and I am a sophomore communication (PR track) and sociology double major. I have an entertainment in the pop culture and corporate communication realms, along with dealing with treating people according to their rights which is where sociology comes in. The rising discussion of an immigration ban from Donald Trump and his administration is not only inhumane, but violates the rights of basic humans. America is, and has been thought of as the melting pot for many years now, and accepts people of all different religions and ethnicities, and the fact that he is trying to take that away is probably the worst thing a presidential administration has done in a long time.

The United States is a country not only founded on immigrants, but immigrants were literally the first people to find the land (despite what books and others may say). I am personally a descendant of African immigrants, which is a reason that I care about this issue. If my ancestors had not been brought over to America, I would not have been here today, or had the same opportunities offered to me. Immigration is legal and acceptable in the country and the fact that it’s being framed as something it’s not is what is upsetting.

The picture here represents my feelings towards Trump and the campaign, and how he tends to often place the blame for his decisions on others…for example who is he pointing to here?

About me: Abby Harari

Hi! My name is Abby Harari and I am a sophomore at the University of Maryland College Park.  I am a public relations major, and hope to eventually work in the entertainment industry.  As someone who reads the news every day, I have noticed the rise in discussion of Trump’s immigration

I am in extreme opposition to Trump’s immigration plan. In my opinion, this ban is fueled by racism and ignorance.  Not only is it prejudice to an entire group of people, but it is economically impossible as well.  This country is build on the foundation of immigrants.

This ban strikes a personal nerve because my dad immigrated from Israel 25 years ago.  He is now a citizen of the United States.  He came here with the American Dream.   Trump has now threatened the American dream for millions of immigrants, and we must fight back.