About Me: Imani Yorker

Hi, my name is Imani Yorker and I am a sophomore communication (PR track) and sociology double major. I have an entertainment in the pop culture and corporate communication realms, along with dealing with treating people according to their rights which is where sociology comes in. The rising discussion of an immigration ban from Donald Trump and his administration is not only inhumane, but violates the rights of basic humans. America is, and has been thought of as the melting pot for many years now, and accepts people of all different religions and ethnicities, and the fact that he is trying to take that away is probably the worst thing a presidential administration has done in a long time.

The United States is a country not only founded on immigrants, but immigrants were literally the first people to find the land (despite what books and others may say). I am personally a descendant of African immigrants, which is a reason that I care about this issue. If my ancestors had not been brought over to America, I would not have been here today, or had the same opportunities offered to me. Immigration is legal and acceptable in the country and the fact that it’s being framed as something it’s not is what is upsetting.

The picture here represents my feelings towards Trump and the campaign, and how he tends to often place the blame for his decisions on others…for example who is he pointing to here?