Miscellaneous: What You Can Do to Help

The immigration executive order has left many people powerless, wondering: “what can I do to help?” Although it seems almost impossible to make a difference at an incredibly tumultuous time in American history, there are a few actions that can be taken to show support and solidarity with the many innocent people that are being exiled from America, whether you have money or simply even time to spare.

Sarah Friedmann offers 13 ways to demonstrate solidarity and concern for the many effected by this order, many of which can be done in five minutes or less. Of the more accessible, Friedmann offers the idea of calling representatives in the federal government to voice concern for the order and the effect that it has had, or simply sharing an informative post to your Facebook feed.

For those looking to be more hands on in their support, Friedmann suggests offering up legal or language skills to do pro-bono work when dealing with immigration police or in court. Additionally, the idea of bringing necessities to the lawyers and translators atĀ airports to give to their clients can be useful in getting them things like toothbrushes and clean clothes



Our Position

With the recent election of Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States of America, there have been an abundance of issues of social and political issues. Although there have been numerous shocking plans that Donald Trump has announced, one of the most shocking acts that he has proposed is the immigration ban. This ultimately ends up being synonymous with a ban on brown people, because that often is the stereotypical image of who people consider to be immigrants. We have found this to be very troubling for various reasons, such as the fact that this country is built upon the backs of immigrants and because this ban really seems to align itself with being more of a race issue than what Donald Trump and his supporters claim for it to be about. Through this site, we will showcase the opposing viewpoint for this immigration ban and how the arguments from supporters are flawed and misguided. We hope to convince those who support this ban that this ban is unrealistic and also has repercussions within our nation politically, socially, economically, and ethically.