Stop the Immigration Ban: a Summary

Over the past few weeks have have argued that President Donald Trump’s immigration ban not only negatively effects the immigrants and refugees that it excludes from the country, but also effects the United States, in addition to countries not included in the ban.

In Week 1, we discussed how America is a nation of hypocrites due to the fact that we are more concerned with international terrorism than domestic, even though domestic terrorism is much more likely. Our statement on America’s hypocrisy goes even further in discussing how the ban essentially disavows America as a melting pot of races and cultures that we were once so welcoming of in the 20th century when Europeans were entering the country. As part of a better understanding of Trump’s policies, we talked about the roots of the term “Alternative facts,” and the implications it has for our country. And finally, in Week 1, we discussed how using such a heinous system to keep people out of our country does nothing but generalize immigrants and refugees as dangerous, even when a very small number of immigrants and refugees have bad intentions.

For Week 2, we started off by giving some insight into the protests calling for an end to the ban, specifically at airports, and how people were rallying together for change. We then discussed thirteen ways that Americans could help with the ban, through actions like donating to alleviate costs to simply tweeting facts about the ban. Later, we wrote in regards to Donald Trump’s frequent Twitter binges, in which he often puts his foot in his mouth, and the tone that his social media abuse sets for the outlook of the ban and the rest of his term.

Week 3 had a few different focuses, one of them being economics and the legitimacy of the ban. We argue that Trump’s call to deport immigrants would be much too costly for the American people, not to mention, completely unrealistic. Following that, we continue to discuss that, given Trump’s reasoning behind the ban, the seven countries currently included in the ban are no where near enough to fully “protect” us, given the criteria he has deemed “unsafe.” Week 3 ended on a video of tv host James Corden doing an experiment in an airport, demonstrating how easy it is for a white man to make it through airport security.

For Week 4, we added content regarding the true implications the ban has for immigrants already living in America, and the fear that comes along with being an immigrant or refugee in America, especially in terms of ICE control. We also touched on how immigrants have built up our economy, especially in terms of development of apps and other technology-centric businesses, and how or decision to block people from our country could have negative implications on tourism and the cost of college in America. We finished up Week 4 by discussing the role the media and celebrities have played in the ban, and how the ban is stirring up fear in the eyes of black citizens.

In all, we still hold true to our remarks set fourth at the beginning of the project and our stance on the ban. In doing more research, we are now better educated and can fully defend our position on the immigration ban and its implications.


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